Monday, 14 February 2011

The Dreadmob Grows!

OK, been a while since an update... but I *promise* I haven't been slacking (well apart from tonight.. special dispensation from the Warboss and all that ;)
so first up, was the state of play about a week ago. 8 kans completely finished, as pictured below, however it wasn't long before these little fellas were to be broken up like a litter of new puppies and sent off to a new (albeiot temporary) home!

See DOC's stirling post's on their new and exciting journey!

Then, in the last week, I made some more progress. and by progress... I mean PROGRESS!!!
(and there was the recruitment of a local Spanna boy to throw into the mix!)

Below are the remaining 9 Kans which include 2 of the 8 above, (you might be able to spot them!) and 7 of their new, grot filled brethren, all steeling to kick somefink big an Green!
The, erm, large chap in the distance might be recognisable from a previous post...
Yes,. the Meka dread is in Town!

So this monstrosity has been created with removable Rokkit Bomm Racks, a Shunta (which is basically an Old Dark Eldar Raider piece, with Eldar weaponry shoved on in spades) and a dead bigg Rippy Klaw which I think is made from Grabba Klaws (Kindly donated by local Warbosses!)

Along with a top down, and reare view. This Behemoth is fully riveted, with feet and everything, and now just needs a road test to prove how dead 'ard an killy he is!

Hope you like them, and with just under two weeks until SVA-XI it's going to be tight, and a lot of Grots might get squished along the way! (But I'm sure it will all end right!!)

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  1. Bud, they are top draw and its mint to be involved, helping to get this mega idea (no excuse for the pun!) on the table