Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Mr. Stompy comes to Town...

...and you wouldn't like him when he is Angry!
OK, so I have until Friday night, and I really needed to get a wriggle on, so tonight I did just that.
The goggle box had Glee and Tool Academy on in the background as I brushed manically away!
I managed to get two Dreads to a reasonable tabletop standard (though of course, more work 'could' be done) and below is the results. One close up of 'Mr. Stompy' as Drow has nicknamed him, and a group shot of the two Dreads with some of the Kans.
Tomorrow, I suspect, should see the other Two Dreads finished which means Drow and I will start on the Big Boys on Wednesday night...
I can't wait!!

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