Monday, 21 February 2011

It always takes longer than you think...

DOC and the Brushboyz came round at the weekend to help me try and complete the mammoth task of painting all these walkers.
In fairness, I am sure Drow didn't expect to begin the day by changing some strip lights in the garage... but such is the organised life of a crazy scratch builder with a 4 month old daughter... (My wife is very understanding... amazingly so in fact!)
so anyway..
Friday night I did my best to base all the Kans, but sadly didn't have enough time to get everything done, it's amazing how the basing process always takes longer than you think.
Everyone will base things differently I'm sure, with these Kans, as with many of my projects, I usually have precious little time for anything other than a cursory bit if sand and gravel PVA'd.
As I learned many years ago, applying a watered down PVA seal coat once this is all in place means you won't find sand and Gravel in your army case afterwards!
Roll forward just over 12 hours, and some strip lights later and it was Saturday afternoon, Drow and I had based the remaining models and undercoated everything apart from the Dreads. Then DOC finished work and came round (with another strip light!) and we got to work.
I'd discussed the Paint scheme with DOC earlier in the week so knew roughly what I was doing, and I'm fairly pleased with the results, I think they hold up as a group, but up close it's clearly evident there have been several different hands in these, although that said, I'm sure it's nothing that a bit more detail and a (magic) Devlan Mud Wash can't sort out...
This is where the three Brushboyz got to by Saturday night. (with a bit of Hypa work on Sunday morning)
Below are two DOC painted Kans against one I have brought to 90% completion (some finer details are missing)

I had spent most of Sunday bringing 6 Kans from Basecoat colours up to the 90% mark (Drow and I had been working on them the night before). DOC took the thee he had almost finished home with him, and that leaves three in the hand of another Code Member, though by and large the Kans are finished.

all this leaves then.... are the Dreads and the Mega Dreads and Meka Dread,
Here is the current state of play on them.

..Do you know.
I am beginning to be very grateful that I have taken Friday off Work *just in case*
Hope you like the progress so far... and if you are a Beakie going to the SVA Tournament this year.
Be afraid!
Kind Regards

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