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Using the Interwebs for Hobby Purposes - Video Battle Reports

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Welcome to the second post in the irregular series that is "Using the Interwebs".  The first post in this series can be found here.  This post will concentrate on video battle reports.  As no doubt most of you reading this will know, there is a mass of video battle reports out there.  In fact you could replace TV completely with video bat reps should you wish too!

Having tried to put together a video battle report recently I have clearly realised the decent ones have good equipment, delivery, beautifully painted armies and scenery..... in short they are a challenge to get right.

Video battle reports can be used for multiple reasons.  So what can we gleen from video battle reports?  First off, along with podcasts (a future using the interwebs article) it is often something I put on when I am painting but that's not all.  They can be used to; learn the rules, pick up painting inspiration, consideration of tactics for your army and often understanding armies you don't collect.

Many of the volume video battle reporters are sponsored and run a "freeview" and "pay for" channel. Personally I don't pay for any channels as I don't have the time to watch that volume of battle reports. The other thing to note many of these channels offer a free trial if you find a series of videos which particularly interests you.

So the first channel to mention is Miniwargaming.  They have multiple series, rooms and systems. They produce reports for multiple systmes including warhammer 8th edition before the change to AOS.  Some good reports are:

Warhammer 8th featuring Dwarfs and Tomb Kings (my two armies!)

Warhammer 30K - Horus Heresy - This is a different kind of game using Zone Mortalis.

Last battle report to share from miniwargaming is to share the start of one of their narrative campaigns.  They go into a lot of detail to deliver a narrative but unfortunately put some of the reports in their subscription service the "Vault".

The next channel to mention is Table Top Tactics from Lawrence, Beard and the rest.  I like this channel for understanding competitive 40k and list building.  Well as I would like to "be somebody" here is some links:

First up a competitive practice report vs ACEFACE.  In fact that is another good thing about this channel is the link up reports with other youtube battle report channels

Another report this time in collaboration with SN battle reports and also to mention I love the atmospherics at the beginning of the videos.

On to another of the real big boys of battle reports is Striking Scorpion 82.  This channel in my opinion has the best scenery and some stunning painted models.  Perhaps the main criticism is it sticks too much to the same types of games and missions.  Having said that this first video is Apocalypse battle report different to the normal 1850 reports this channel sticks to in the main:

Another slightly different and narrative game involving Steel Legion and Orks (clearly I am drawn to these types of games!).  This is an attack vs defence game.

Ok, I could put links in forever as I like so many video battle report channels but instead, to keep the post to a readable amount here is a list with clickable links of other notable video battle report channels:

Winters SEO - 40K / 30K channel, mentioned in first Using the Interwebs post.
The Legion Wargamming - 40k
The Long War - 40K, Competitive gaming
Aceface - 40K (as featured in report above), Competitive gaming
Geeks 40K Channel - 40K
Bell of Lost Souls - Pretty much all systems, can be very inconsistent in quality
Once Bitten 360 - Fantastic Warhammer 8th Reports, now moved onto the 9th age (not for me) but the channel has a large library.

I could keep going with links but I will stop there at some of the major channels I watch.  I am sure this list is not exhaustive and would ask for you guys to share the links of your favourite  channels below in the comments.

Enjoy the watching


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