Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The Cypra Incident; Ork Lootas ready to roll!

Hey All

Bluddtoof here with some more of my Orks; these are the last models I need for the first day of gaming in our upcoming narrative campaign, The Cypra Incident. Both Doc and myself are using this campaign to motivate ourselves to paint up new stuff and old stuff which has been sitting on shelves and in dusty cupboards for years sometimes, I'm sure a great many of you know exactly how that feels!
Anyway on with the Lootas, I've painted all 12 I own but only 11 will be used in the first mission of the campaign, I'm sure number 12 will have his day later on though.
I was looking at my Ork collection as I put the Lootas in my cabinets and I noticed that even though I've constantly tried to maintain a consistent look over the years (17 years now collecting my Orks!!) they have changed slightly as I've progressed; originally they were really grubby and dirty with only a few splashes of colour, usually the red, black and white teef moteef and yellow and blue rokkits as well as a very few spot colours. Now though they are far more colourful, I haven't consciously made this change but I am using a much broader palette and keeping the grubby patchwork feel by using heavy and dark washes on all the otherwise bright areas. All in all I'm really pleased with the newer stuff, I think with new washes being very flat I can inject colour and high contrast without a glossy look.
So enough waffle, on with the piccies... Quite a lot....

And some individual shots....

Hope you like them, as ever C and C welcome.
My next project is some new terrain for the campaign; mission 2 will take place in and around a military compound so we want some fencing and watch towers, I've got a cunning but complex idea to try so watch out over the next few weeks for more on that...



  1. Glad to see them finished up. As for painting evolution I think its inevitable when an army is added to over time. They look like the same green tide to me. Cheers DOC

  2. great stuff Boss.

    when those bad boys roll hot, not much can stand in their way.

  3. great stuff Boss.

    when those bad boys roll hot, not much can stand in their way.