Monday, 7 March 2016


It’s been a while since my last post.

I have finished* renovating my new house and have moved in.
*in that it is liveable, with some odd jobs and touch ups still to carry out

Importantly I have got a space for my painting station

 It is near a large window, so has a great amount of light.

I have been able to spend a fair bit of time back on my models. We don’t have a TV in the living room now so that distraction is no longer there. More time for painting!

I started a Knight Lancer before I moved but it has been on hold for a few months. Anyway it is now complete.


The base has an old broken rhino modelled on to it. This was a £2 purchase from eBay, which I thought I could save. It has been put to better use. The knight itself is pretty much as is. There was a slight issue with positioning of the legs as the pistons weren’t long enough so needed some green stuff to fill in the gap. Same for the power cable on that side. This is my first big FW model. It was quite easy to put together. My big bug bear is the lance. It has had 3 hot baths and still didn’t sit straight.


The models are undercoated with Army Painter ultramarine blue and chainmail.

Blue: I thought the base was a bit pale, so I painted it in macragge blue to deepen it. I pained the recesses of the carapace with drakenhoff nightshade and highlighted in calgar blue. I should have washed the other plates edges but didn’t. I was hoping the gold would make a better edge. I was going to do another level of highlighting, but I’m going to see how this looks for a while. I would rather not have them that do them untidily
Gold: as per the recipe for painting stormcasts. It’s a little red than the gold I wanted but it’s a nice colour. The lance was done slightly different with a wash of the turquoise technical paint and a blue glaze
Metal: washed in nuln oil, highlighted in Ironbreaker and then dry brushed in Necron Compound, odd areas washed in agrax earthhade

I still have a lot of transfers to put on it to finish it off but I am pretty happy with it.


I had 2 presents of scouts so I have combined them.

The first is camo cloak scouts with silenced bolters. These fall in to the category of cool looking, but not good in game. 

I am lucky that I seem to have hit the point where I can now model units with options that aren't "competitive" as I have the "good" ones; these are for fun.

Second is another close combat squad. 

I am a few arms missing after the building the first squad, but I have some scout bikers turning ups so I may have some spare parts to complete the unit. This squad will need a Storm to carry them in.

I have built them, but I’m not sure if I want to paint them yet, mainly as I have started building a Castigator…….TBC


  1. The Knight Lancer is excellent, and has quite an imposing presence...!!!

  2. Fantastic lancer! And great new space!

  3. Sweet still my favourite of the forge world knights love the use of the rhino FairPlay

  4. Hairdryer is the way forward, works like a dream. Good progress buddy, always good to see your stuff as we haven't seen you in person for a while 👍

  5. Thanks for all the comments. hair dryer will be out at the weekend, next knight is now base coated, and third arrived yestereday