Sunday, 13 March 2016

"Don't Fence Me In.....", The Cypra Incident. WIP.

Hey All

Bluddtoof here with the first WIP post for a new terrain set I'm building to be used in our upcoming Narrative Campaign; "The Cypra Incident".
As I said in my last post Doc and I need to represent a military compound in the 2nd mision of our story, whichever way it goes; either an Imperial Compound or an Orky scrap yard. So we decided a set of fences and watchtowers would fit in either scenario.
To this end I've started on a set of fencing panels and uprights; I wanted a flexible but simple set which would be easy to store and light and manageable on the table. Here's what I've come up with...

The above shot is of 2 uprights and 1 panel, the 3 pieces are separate and thus the whole set will be flexible enough to lay out in lots of ways, some of the uprights will have supports at right angles and a few will be 3 or 4 way supports to allow for more flexibility.

Above shows a damaged panel in 2 different positions, to provide stability and strength the uprights on either side of the broken panel are fixed. I intend to make a max of 3 of these breached panels, the rest will be intact and fully flexible.
The bases of the uprights will also get some scenic work; tufts of grass and vines and such. I'll also be adding a few rivets to the upper panel supports.

The raw materials are pretty basic;

Uprights: small GW round bases, Plastruct 4.8 mm styrene tubing, 1 mm plasticard and Plastruct 4.8 mm styrene column.

Panels: Plastruct 3.2 mm styrene tubing and Isopon aluminium mesh (for repairing holes in car bodywork)

The mesh I bought at my local hardware store at a couple of quid per sheet which makes 4 of the 5"x 3" panels , the Plastruct products I got from Antics on line, they can be a bit pricey but you get 6 or so lengths per pack.

I'm planning on a dozen panels or so, a gate section and then 4 watchtowers which will comprise a small square bunker 6" tall with a roofed parapet on top, the top section will be removable to access the interior. In terms of area, they will house a small squad of infantry; 5 models I think to allow for combat squads or weapon teams. I don't want them too big or to be major bunkers. The towers will have panel supports in the middle of all four faces to allow full flexibility of set up.

As for the paint job; I'm planning on rusted metal, I'll be trying some rust effects I've not tried before.

More to come soon. As ever C and C welcome and stay tuned......