Sunday, 7 March 2010

Signed up to play in SVAX Campaign

Hi all,

Having recently reached a landmark birthday i decided i must try and do some new things! Well as if by magic Hypasist (fellow author and code 40k player) invited me to go to SVAX. This is a campaign weekend run by the Spikey Club on the 24/25th of April. I have never been to any arranged tournament before. So to cut a long story short ive accepted.

For anyone else who might be interested it's in Reading (UK). This is the link to the rules pack:

As it also happens Luko Dakka is also attending the event and we will be publising our progress to the event and how we got on in the event.

So my list of work to do for my space wolf army before the event includes:

10 Fenrisian wolves
1 Wolf Priest
1 Dreadnought
5 Bloodclaws

Thats all for now pictures coming soon of the above in progress!


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