Friday, 15 July 2016

Cerastus Knight Acheron Showcase - House Makabius

Hi all,

Doc here back with the finished knight as promised.  The weathering process was just a load of real fun and very dirty!  So on to some pictures and few salient points. Firstly also to thank Innermech for the loan of the light box.

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So the obligatory front on shot first.  The imperial knight helmet has been painted to match Boss Bludtoof's knight (just had to be! and for info his knight can be found here).  A couple of minor things remain to be done the symbol of allegiance and a coat of varnish to seal the powders down.

This view shows the knight crunching a barrel I envisage the barrel would literally be as flat as pancake after a knight stood on it but thought it broke up the base in a different way.  There are also bits of metal, grave stone, rocks, skulls and bushes dotted around the base.  On the shoulder pad the transfer has also been highlighted as I noted not all the transfers were highlighted,  I thought about blood on the reaper chainsword and then decided against it, although I might go back and add it.  What do you guys think?

On to the other side and certainly the hardest part to put together a whole load of patience to get the feeder tube in the right place and a lot of use and my wife's hairdryer.  Painting wise I went for the scorched look on the gun and then slowly reduced the burnt affect the further away from the barrel.

The back not so exciting but still lots of work.  This shot shows the spot colour of red I used on the pipes and shows a lot of the weathering off particularly on the tank and vents at the top of back.

Overall really happy with him let me have your thoughts people of blogosphere!


DOC out..........


  1. Beautiful knight. Tons and tons of work went into this guy and you can see it! Loving the weathering. Just a great job !

  2. Doc
    This looks awesome, definately your best work to date, Angron can't wait to see it in the flesh/metal again... Well done.

    1. Thanks Red, not sure he wants to meet the Angry Ron..... again

  3. it looks absolutely brilliant. i need to get my varnished and transferred .