Sunday, 23 September 2018

Necromunda Terrain Showcase

Evening All,

Doc back after a long break with a big project I have just finished.  So we have decided to run a short Necromunda campaign as a group.  The first round will hopefully be end of October or early November.  To get ready I have been painting up the terrain from the box, some MDF terrain and I have just started my Genestealer Cult gang.  To showcase some of the terrain I thought it was about time I made another video.

Hope you enjoy it, it is not the best thing I have ever done but having not shot a video for 2 or 3 years now I had forgotten so much about it in particular the editing and so on.  Anyway hopefully I can do more now I have reminded myself.  Constructive comments are more than welcome.

In addition to above here are a few pictures of the plastic doors, bulkheads and barricades from the core game itself.

One great little tip I learnt when doing these is how good ryza rust is watered down to a wash consistency and then run into the crevices, really well showed off by second to last picture above.

My last share is my first completed model for the gang and a picture of the base I completed first.

This model is a conversion as the standard GW stubber model only has two arms wanting to remove the unwieldy rule I converted up a 3 arm version.

Anyway hope you like all of this and maybe worth the wait??

Thats All folks!

DOC out.................................


  1. Nice job Doc.
    It all looks really nice, stencils are good and I like the really old faded finish you’ve got on the box set terrain. That’ll add a lot to your campaign.

  2. Good stuff! I really like the one spot of fairly subdued colour on the doorways and barricades. I might have to borrow that for my own set.

    It's still really strange to me that Ryza Rust is a Dry paint. It works so much better thinned down as a wash, like you've done here. Skrag Brown is another really good one to thin down and use, if you want a browner rust, and a bit of Typhus Corrosion put on before the colour of your rust can add some interesting texture, like the metal flaked and deformed a bit as it rusted.

  3. Thanks for comments west rider and extra tips the subdued colours were put on live a glaze over the metal to make then semi transparent.