Friday, 15 June 2018

Getting Sorted - Future Blogging Musings - Facebook Live Feed tomorrow from Battlefield Birmingham

Evening All,

The night before the action begins and I am aware I haven't blogged again despite promises but never mind it is only a blog right?

Anyways the good news is I have 4 or 5 strong articles in my head which I really want to take a stab at writing.  Incidentally a couple of those are showcases but also want to put my thoughts down on Horus Heresy, Conventions and Tournaments.  I also have another using the interwebs article in mind.  Alongside this I have recently run some new photo backdrops so expect a change there along with some higher quality photos on the blog.

Despite no activity here I have been painting and the really beady eyed might of spotted Doc's Painting Points 2018 has been getting updated (see the sidebar of the web version of the blog).  This is always updated quickly after I complete a mini and has become a ritual.

My idea for this weekend all being well is to run round Battlefield Birmingham on a live feed over the weekend on our facebook page  Hopefully I can capture some beautiful minis!

I will leave you with this group shot of my army for the weekend and a couple of extra plasma wielding guardsmen I painted for the event.

Have a good weekend all

DOC out...........................

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