Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Lords a Reaping 17 : Homemade Relic Spartan WIP

Seasons Greetings

"Lets do LoW" we all said, "Sounds good" I said ....
Then went and looked throught the hobby pile and realised I don't actually own any .... Doh.

With it being so close to the Emperors Birthday going out and buying resin would probably be frowned on, however I happened to have a Land Raider hangin around in a state of disrepair just longin for the Iron Priests attentions :)

As its a Relic the plan is to make it more like the LR 2B with enclosed sponsons, the chassis itself is 25mm longer and 10mm wider so should look suitably bigger then a Raider

A long way to go :)
More to come from everyone


  1. Wicked progress, that’ll be glorious when done.

  2. Great stuff Dave love how you take things and make em better and different!

  3. It's simply great and awesome ! I think I'll try this for my Black Legion Land Raider ^^

  4. That is super cool - Awesome work, man!

  5. Thank You all for the positive vibes, I'll keep whittling :)