Monday, 27 March 2017

Blood Bowl Fever : Lizardmen wip

Howdo, long time no blogging for me.

I've played Lizardmen for a long time, so my skinks are old warhammer models with the weapons removed (the quivers are filled with rocks to slow them down so the elves can catch them).

The Sauri (Saurusesesss?) are a new addition found in a bits box at the local fgs (Worcester Wargames), they're Salamanders from Mantics Kings of War range, the scale is good against the new GW minis as the old Sauri are only human sized however I may have to find a new Kroxigor.

In an attempt to get back into the swing I've installed an app on my phone 'cos I never seem to have chance on computers. (scratch that, the blogger app is as useful as a chocolate fireguard so went back to the browser) 

Cheers and remember the ball! 

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