Thursday, 5 May 2016

Deimos Relic Predator Executioner, a bit more WIP.

Hi All

Just a quick one today, an update on my progress with the predator..

Some pics...

Getting there, brass done and even weathered a bit, which is a first for me and my marines. I'm going to try doing this model weathered to see if I like it. Then depending on the outcome I may well go back over my marine collection and apply some subtle weathering effects. Maybe...

C & C welcome.



  1. What about inking the silver with like a seraphim sepia or a agrax?

    1. I may try that, probably go back to a marine first for a test and see how I like it.
      Thanks for the suggestion.

    2. My pleasure! I love inking my boltgun metal with seraphim, then a little highlight of silver. Really adds depth