Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The Great British Build off - Heresy Arms Race - The Mechanicum

The Mechanicum
So heres my initial offering to the Code40k's group effort to try to get into 30k in a big way. I've plumped for a double helping of Heresy goodness. Since the 1st Heresy Book dropped I've been adding to a slow and steady Sons of Horus army but for this project I am concentrating on The Mechanicum.
Theres nothing more awesome than Big Robots kicking ass and since these dropped from Forgeworld I've been looking to get some. I am a big fan of the whole grimdark, almost steampunk aesthetic these guys have and I'm looking forward to getting them all built up so I can get some paint on them & get some games in. Heres a few I've built up recently: -

 Thanatar Siege Automata

 Myrmidon Destructors (3 more to build)

Thallax Cohort (13 more to build)

I'll post up as I add to the army and touch on potential army lists as I work to be game ready.
Still no idea on colour schemes but once I've decided i'll probably dive right in on the big fella, stramngely I find the bigger models easier to work on!
Until next time
LukoDakka out


  1. Awesome, you'll have a lot of fun with the Thanatar in games! I run a squad of 3 and they're devastating! Nice to see some more Mechanicum around as well

  2. Cheers buddy,
    I have another to build so I have a tag team so far, be nice to have the triple threat! I have loads more to build so you should see a good variety of stuff over the coming months. Not sure on paint scheme yet though.

  3. Look great Luko, looking forward to seeing these - I picked up the start of my mech army last weekend and have been building a lot lol, that thanatars ammo belts drive me insane ......

    I'm going for a very bare metallic look I think with a highly toxic green base. At least that's the theory, I might change my tune when I see it actually on the model.