Sunday, 24 May 2015

Pre Heresy Death Guard Legion Rapier - Showcase

Afternoon All,

I am here to finally showcase something I have painted in 2015 on the 24th May!  Wow that's real life for you. Today's showcase is my newly finished Legion Graviton Rapier.  I am really looking forward to getting into 30k and this is another step in the road.  Hopefully in January the CODE40k group can finally have our first game of 30k.  This will follow nicely on from our usual December event here on the blog.

In any case that is a long way off and I need to get more models built and painted for then.  Back to the rapier; the model you may notice, is missing the spindles from the cannon.  I have them I just don't like them so have deliberately omitted them. Secondly and this is where I need some advice the main barrel of the cannon is slightly warped.  I have heated it up and tried to correct this but once it cooled it returned to the same warped shape. Any advice on this would be cool please??

The model itself uses sponge weathering techniques and weathering powders to achieve the war torn look I am going for with my Death Guard.  I was tempted with more OSL from the blue light source within the barrel but having tried it I didn't like the finish so backed away from that idea.  I also changed out the plume head for a none helmet head on the pointing marine just to make mine look a little different to others. Also I thought the plume head would come in handy for a sergeant model later down the line.  As always constructive comments are most welcome:

As I have finally got started for the year I have awarded myself 10 painting points!

Next up more Death Guard...

Thats all folks

Doc Out


  1. Hey Doc. Really good to see you back in the saddle. Firstly I think you can get away with the barrel; it appears to be slightly curved upwards, which is better than sideways. Also you're going to struggle to fix it now it's painted. Secondly and most importantly to me I think you need to weather the white chevron marking on the front armour of the rapier; it doesn't look like part of the model, it's too clean. You've gone much heavier on the weathering on these models than on the previous ones I've seen of your Death Guard, it's a better finish than the lower leg dusting you've shown me. It's not to my personal taste as you know but it's definitely improving as you paint more.
    Also well done on keeping to your painting points system! I've utterly failed on mine!

  2. Elope it looks great. I agree with Bluddtoof though, the green does need breaking up a bit on the gun shield.

    With regards to correcting the warping - I always use boiling water. Boiled water in Tupperware tub, dip the barrel in, straighten, then run under cold water to set it in the right position. If you leave it to cool on its own, it's more than likely it'll return to its warped form.

  3. Thanks for comments both.

    Boss, Yes agree about the symbol (which was added last) will need weathering to match. Also I don't like the dirty leg thing so will repaint those and weather to match This matches the contemptor and MK3 marines I have finished.

    Tim - Elope? As for the green on the gun carriage I think I might add some more symbols to break it up more.

    Cheers DOC

  4. Beautiful work! Agree with everyone on that symbol needing some weathering...otherwise I love this job!