Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Battle Report: Marines V Eldar

I am certainly getting good use out of my games board and scenery. Over the Easter weekend my dad came down with his steadily growing Eldar army.

He has only been collecting for about 1 year and has managed to get a fair bit of stuff. I recently purchased a job lot on Warseer for about 50% of cost which really boosted his collection

As this was his first game of 7th we kept the points low (1500)

His list (CAD)

4 dire avengers + exarch
4 fire dragons + exarch
5 Scorpians + exarch
10 Guardians
10 Guardians + missile launcher
10 Guardians + missile launcher
2 falcons
5 wraithguard in a wave serpent

My list was a pretty standard battle company (well as much as I could fit in)

Chapter Tactics: Ultramarines

Librarian in terminator armour
5 terminators with CML
10 tacts in rhino flamer missile
10 tacts in rhino plasmagun/cannon and pistol
5 scouts in a storm
Dakka predator
Landspeeder typhoon
10 Assault marines 2 flamers and a plasma pistol power sword
10 devastators with 3 missile and 1 lascannon

the army (without typhoon)

I tried to field a bit of everything as this was one of his first games and he still learning the rules. This would allow him to face most stuff and get an understanding of what he would be facing. We agreed no flyers as he did not have any.

We rolled for the mission and it was the escalation objective missions. Turn 1 – 1 objective, turn 2 – 2 objectives and so on.

Again I am not going to give a turn by turn report, but here are some of the main highlights.

• Forgetting I had a typhoon until turn 2, which it then stayed in reserves until turn 4! I could have done with it as in trying to get first blood I had a falcon left on 1HP and 2 missiles could have killed it.
• Forgetting about Chapter tactics: Ultramarines are not a permanent force “buff”. You have 3 doctrines to use throughout the game
• 1 round of shooting from a guardian squad taking out my terminators and librarian (turn 2)
• Spirit Seer psychic checks. Turn 1 perils looses a power, turn 2 perils rolls 6, turn 3 fails to cast warp charge 1 with 3 dice, turn 4 perils rolls 6 turn 5 perils rolls 6, turn 6 fails to cast with 3 dice.
• Scouts and storm were rubbish again (punishment for scouts not being painted and using a stand in model for storm?), combi melta failed to hit the falcon, storm gave up a VP for first blood.

This is now the second game in a row where my marines did not do anything great. They did a lot of nothing really. But yet again their versatility pulled off an unlikely win. At the end of turn 2 I was 7-2 down and had just lost my terminators and warlord about a 5th of the army, and yet after that my dad failed to score a VP despite getting more cards. We did manipulate the objective cards once or twice, blowing up a building and destroying a flyer we got rid of. Generally I say we play the deck and tough if you get a duff card, but that is the luck of the draw. In the end I won 16-7.

It was an interesting game where again sticking to plans and focusing on the objectives in hand were key to what I did. We tried to do that with my dad’s game plan too, but the elder just don’t have the versatility that marines do (when you are playing a non spammy list)




Striking Scorpions (painted by my brother as a present for my dad)

In Game pictures

I see you

What is this snap fire rule........

I survived being hit bu teh aurtach in a challenge.......I hit back and all 3 attacks with teh power fist hit. 2's to kill........

Pictures towards the end of the game

Final positions

I have one more game tonight and then I will be back on expanding the chapter

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