Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Worcester War 2 is just around the corner.......

Hi All,

So firstly I get the express satisfaction in stating everything is ready for the War...  I really hope everyone has a great time.

This as it happens is not the real reason for my post, tonight one of the attendees of WW2 has posted a video blog about his preparations for WW2, his thoughts on army selection, rules pack and painting.  To put it simply I thought it was great and insightful on the mindset.  As although I have run tournaments I haven't really played in that many.  To be honest I prefer the campaign weekend feel.  Also with my medical issues I tend to run out of steam towards the end of the day or weekend.

Anyway I digress and actually feel the urge to digress further,  Lians video amongst other things has made me think about the content I often post here on code40k.  I often just post up pictures of completed models and scenery.  Whilst that is nice it doesn't necessarily have content that others find useful.  I guess what I vow to do is maybe have a real look at how I post and the effort I put into it.  I still morn the loss of Ron "From The Warp" his was a truly interactive blog backed up with a higher level of talent than what I possess I might add.

After the war it will allow me the option of pursuing some of my own hobby objectives and I think today I might just have set a new one.  A simple to say improve your content DOC!  Anyway digress over...  Lians video is a good watch and he will be covering the event also.  So please watch it here.  Also to state for players at the event with a good camera.  I will be setting up a flickr group which allow everyone to upload to after the event.

Thats All Folks

DOC out

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