Monday, 28 January 2013


So, SVA XII is just round the corner and I'm clearly not gonna get my marine drop pod list finished in time. I toyed with the idea of taking a Tau force, what with 6th ed being gun friendly, however after due consideration I still think Tau are out of their league and desperately in need of a new codex.
I then had a mooch round my painting room and spotted my Ork fighta/bomma kits still sat in their boxes since last year. Hey presto mega nobz, boyz, more boyz, grotz aplenty, kanz, lootas, kannonz, shokk attack gunz and the joyous dakka jet ahoy!!
Ork lists are just easy..... stick in all the glorious killy stuff you love and you're on to a winner, even if you lose every game! Most fun army in the hobby for my money. I can guarantee I'll have a great weekend stomping all over beakies and bad-beakies and stoopid pointy eared space demons. Haha!
Oh yeah and I'll also be taking my Skullhamma battlefortress and some rokkit buggies for the mini apoc games! Sweet!
So, enough gloating! I've spent the last 2 days turning 1 1/2 fighta/bomma kits into a dakka jet suitable to grace the forces of Boss Bluddtoof. Here's a few piccies........


  1. Thats $*$*ing awesome bud love the teeth, bloody flyers everywhere i look grrrrrr


  2. Haha clearly 1 bomma wasn't enough dakka for tweedy's orky flyer!
    Nice green stuff work mate